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How to Write Your First Blog Post in 30 Minutes: Part 2

Want to Listen Instead of Reading?

Writing your first blog post is a real headache and today I’m gonna make it quite simple and easy to execute. So, if you want to learn the art of writing, continue reading.

One thing to keep in mind.

newletter 2 cover image

This is the beginning and I don’t want to make this a boring job for you. So when I think the article is getting longer I’ll stop it for now and will continue in the next article.

So Finally,

As I’ve promised in my cover image that TODAY is the day we will start learning and understanding the whole writing theme of the blog post and then of course we’ll be able to start writing the structure of a fantastic blog post that adds value and gives accurate information to the blog readers, right?

You heard me right. This is not going to be an ordinary blog post but an authentic source of information that other blogs will love to link and obviously there is a great chance you’ll earn backlinks for FREE. Isn’t it amazing?

But let me clarify one thing. Are you a native English speaker? No?

What the hell are you doing here? Oh, sorry. Just kidding…

Everyone thinks that only native speakers can write blog posts but that’s not true. I am the example right in front of you. Neither I’m a native English speaker nor I have a graduation degree from any educational institute but I was successful to grab your attention through my writing and you are not getting bored either. Do you?

If you have read my first article and then fell upon this one, it means there was something that got your attention and you are here to satisfy your hunger. You need to become a writer and can you believe that I’m gonna make you not only an ordinary blogger but a strong copywriter as well.

I’m sorry to make you wait this long but I had to. I had to show you how to get the eyeballs on your content. Now let me explain, how I grabbed your attention.

  1. This is the First Step of my Extremely Working Writing Formula:

Know your audience, their likes, dislikes, needs, desires and also the weak points.

Just think about yourself. Why did you sign up for this newsletter? One of the following may be the reason to do this:

  • You’ve never tried writing blog posts and you are afraid that it will not go right.
  • Quality content writers are getting hired at good salary packages
  • You run a blog but no writer in the market provides quality content at affordable prices.
  • You want to run your own blog and want to earn money from ad networks or affiliate websites.

I simply adjusted all these points in my first article and we are now connected to learn this art of writing.

Now I’m gonna assign you a simple task in order to get started on this amazing journey of writing.


Do a little research on your audience and write down more than two pain points just like I did and that’s it. Now let me give you something big.

If you are able to find the pain points of your potential audience, it means you’ve done half of your content writing job.

I hope you enjoyed it. Give your feedback in the comments.

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