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How to Write Your First Blog Post in 30 Minutes: Part 1

Want to Listen Instead of Reading?

Believe me, the so-called writing gurus will never ever share this writing formula with you because if you know the formula you’ll instantly start generating a flood of blog posts every week.

newsletter 1 cover image

After you get this secret writing formula, you’ll not be searching for writers that demand high prices even these hard days…

Why I’m Sharing this with you?

Now you must be thinking ‘Why the hell do Muhammad Ijaz wants to share this with me? Do you want money from me and want to sell your course.’

I’m not offended. You are right to think like that because everyone is doing this to sell the courses and earn money but I’m kind of a different person.

Definitely, I’ll make money but not by selling any course to you instead I’ll generate revenue indirectly by sending this learned information, knowledge and my writing expertise.

Are you really into writing your first blog post that gets hundreds of shares?

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