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March 2024 Core Update and Spam Update

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Hey, guess what? Google just dropped its March 2024 Core Update, and it’s like a superhero against low-quality content! They’re tweaking their algorithms and policies to give a big thumbs down to shady practices that abuse AI and pump out useless stuff. Elizabeth Tucker, the Director of Product for Search at Google, is optimistic, saying, “We expect that the combination of this update and our previous efforts will collectively reduce low-quality, unoriginal content in search results by 40%,” Google’s on a mission, and it looks like they mean business!

Now the question is what are the core areas of this March 2024 Core Update?

Tricking Google and Users: 3 Ways Websites Misbehave

  1. Site Reputation Abuse:
    • What is it? Trusted websites can misbehave by posting third-party content without proper oversight.
    • Why does it matter? They take advantage of their good standing with Google to manipulate search rankings.
    • What to know? Not all third-party content is bad, but it should add value, not just manipulate rankings.
  2. Expired Domain Abuse:
    • What is it? Sneaky move where someone buys an expired domain and uses it to boost low-quality content, tricking users into thinking it’s from the original site.
    • Why does it matter? It tricks users and messes with search rankings.
    • What to know? It’s like a website pretending to be something it’s not.
  3. Scaled Content Abuse:
    • What is it? Making a bunch of pages to climb search rankings, not really caring about helping users.
    • Why does it matter? Google wants to stop websites from pushing unhelpful content to the top.
    • What to know? It’s not just about humans; even AI can be misused to create unhelpful content.

In simple terms, these tactics are like cheating to make websites look better than they really are. Google is cracking down on these tricks to make sure you get helpful results when you search.



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