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How to Work on Amazon from Pakistan

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Nowadays everyone is searching “How to work on Amazon from Pakistan”. Well in this blog post I’m gonna uncover the whole process that will really help you understand how it works. And also how you can use Amazon platforms to earn money by just working from home.

Amazon has added Pakistan to its approved seller countries list. So this way many Amazon-related income streams have opened their doors for Pakistanis.

There are several ways to make money on amazon online but in this blog post, I’ll discuss the 5 best ways to make money on amazon.

Why Should You Work on Amazon?

Before I start the detailed discussion, first let me tell you some quick facts about Amazon. Forbes says that Amazon’s total revenue for the year 2020 was $386 billion. That’s way more than the economic size of Pakistan. According to Statista’s Report published on Apr 30, 2021, Amazon’s net profit for the year, 2020 was around $21.33 billion. Yes, you heard right, It’s not revenue but the net profit.

That’s right, we can’t earn the whole 386 B but we can surely earn a few thousand bucks at least. Not a funny business but if you stick with the rest of the article you’re going to have an idea on how to make money by working on Amazon.

Let’s dig into it.

There are two cases that may relate to you. You may want to invest money into this marketplace and earn profit or you wanna play a safe game and don’t want to invest thousands of $$$$, right?

There is something for both of the situations described above, Let’s discuss in further detail.

How to Work with Amazon in Pakistan With Investment

Fasten you seat belt and get ready for the amazon knowledge flight, LOL. Ok, let it go. I’m just gonna make a promise. After reading the rest of the blog post you’ll be having a sound knowledge about how to work with amazon in pakistan with investment.

If you got some money and you want to make a passive income asset then Amazon is just the world that you need to explore.

Let’s talk about the selling design of Amazon.

1. Sell your Private Label brand ( PL)

If you’ve got some extra business money and want to invest in the right place then selling as a Private Label on Amazon will be a good choice. All it takes, some money to invest in Amazon Virtual Assistants

It’s almost risk-free. All you need is to hire any of them from UpWork, WorkChest and Fiverr etc. Visit these websites, signup as an employer and then search this keyword in the search bar shown on the dashboard “Amazon Virtual Assistant”

Make sure to hire someone with the highest ratings. The guys with hire ratings may be a little bit expensive than others. But when it comes to investing thousands of bucks, come on you can spend a few hundred on these good service providers as well.

What are Some Selling Models on Amazon

When it comes to the delivery mechanisms there are two seller models on Amazon:

  1. Fullfilled by amzon (FBA)
  2. Fulfilled by merchant(FBM)
1. Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA stands for Fulfilled by Amazon. It means you only need to send your inventory to the Amazon warehouse. the order fulfillment is completely Amazon’s responsibility. Amazon will pick the item, pack it and ship it to the buyer by itself. If there is some issue with delivery your ratings will not be affected.

Amazon will charge some warehouse charges that depend on the number, size, volume, and weight of the product available in the Amazon warehouse.

Read this detailed guide on how to get started on the Amazon FBA selling model.

2. Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM)

FBM stands for Fulfilled by Merchant. In this case, the merchant is you. All the order management hassle is on you. You may manage it by yourself or hire some VA (Virtual Assistant). If there is a delivery issue your ratings may be affected.

There are no warehouse charges because you are shipping it by yourself. Amazon provides an order management system in your seller dashboard. You’ll be notified of the new orders and returns etc.

Who is an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA):

Amazon Virtual Assistants are actually freelancers who do product research for you and help you with all the aspects of Amazon’s business models. We will talk about it later in the blog post with more details.

Now let’s talk about some other income streams in a brief way.

how to Earn Money from Amazon Without Investment

Okay, I got you very well. You don’t need to be ashamed if you don’t have money to invest in Amazon. Instead, there is a place for everyone on this giant platform. If you don’t have an investment in terms of money, it’s okay. Still, you can dominate but let me ask you about another kind of investment.

Do you have some free hours to invest in Amazon? You heard me right. If you can spend a few hours from your daily life you can earn money from amazon without investment.

Let me show you the way to success…

1. Work on Amazon from Pakistan as a Service Provider

Amazon Freelancer or Service Provider is a good option If you don’t have money to invest in this business even then you have an option to earn a handsome amount from Amazon. Learn a few skills like ‘Product Research, Listing Creation, Order Management, Brand Registration, and Trademark Registration. Sellers pay enough for these services on many freelance marketplaces.

But still, you may need to spend on tool subscriptions like Merchant world, Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, and Helium 10. These tools help with product research, product ranking analysis, listing optimization, competitors analysis, and trends checker, etc.

2. Amazon Affiliate Blogging

Amazon Affiliate Blogging works better for the kind of people who are passionate about writing. Earn money from Amazon by promoting top-selling products by doing affiliate blogging. Chose a product, and start writing down the content that helps site visitors. Set up a blog and try ranking it. After a period of 5-6 months, there are chances you can have a few site visitors that tend to convert into your customers.

3. Merch by Amazon Program

Merch by Amazon doesn’t need any investment. You don’t need to be an investor or even a freelancer to earn money on amazon. If you are a good graphics and art designer then Amazon will pay you a commission for your design if the product with your design sells on amazon.

You may earn up to 8-14% of each sale.

4. Amazon Kindle Store

Amazon Kindle Store is a digital publishing tool for writers. If you’ve got a topic to write on or even if you’ve written something good you can sell it on amazon and earn money.

The company introduced the Kindle e-reader in 2007, along with free access to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library where it lent out e-books for free to those who owned a Kindle device or were using a Kindle app to read books on their devices such as tablets and smartphones.

So it’s a better leverage option for new authors who don’t have money to publish their writings.

Final Words

Amazon is a place for everyone regardless of their financial state. No matter if you got a huge amount of money to invest or some spare hours to spend, you can earn money from Amazon in Pakistan. If you got money, you can hire a virtual assistant, do some product research, and then launch it.

If you have no money focus on learning Amazon-related services, Amazon affiliate blogging, Merch by Amazon, and Amazon Self Publishing Kindle Store. There is a bite for everyone on the Amazon platform.

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