How to use social media marketing to promote business

How to Use Social Media Marketing (SMM) to Promote Businesses Online?

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Want to Listen Instead of Reading?

Social media marketing has proven to be the fastest advertising and selling strategy. For most of the part, you don’t even need to specify a huge advertising budget. All you need is to consistently keep on posting highly engaging content and that’s all.

Let me repeat this statement again. You need to post highly engaging content on regular basis. Now, what is highly engaging content?

It’s the content that gets more likes, comments and shares on social media. If your content is relatable with human behavior, likes & dislikes and emotions it will get more engagement.

If content gets more engagement, the platform promotes your content for free. This will help people see it in their feeds.

How to Use Social Media Marketing (SMM) to Promote  Businesses?

Now you must be thinking, alright boy! I got you but how do I start it? Well, the answer is simple. I have written this beautiful piece of content just to explain everything that is hitting your mind like a mad bull. LOL.

Let’s start it…

How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing?

  1. Create a Facebook page, Instagram profile, twitter or Pinterest account for your business. It’s free and easy to create, but takes time and work to build up an active following.
  2. Make sure that the content on your page is consistently engaging; post photos or videos occasionally. Try to engage people who interact with your page in conversation by asking them questions or showing a genuine interest.  
  3. You can also try to create a social media campaign around a special event, product launch, etc. Create a hashtag and encourage customers to share their photos of your products on social media networks. The more people who use the hashtag, the more exposure it gets! You can also post user generated content on your social page, which will be beneficial for customer engagement.

The Role of 80/20 Rule on Social Media Marketing

How to apply 80/20 rule on Social Media Marketing (SMM) to Promote  Businesses?

Remember the 80/20 rule? 80% of your social media activity should aim to engage users and provide value, The remaining 20% of it should directly promote your products and services. Always provide social media users with something useful. Create something that gets them involved with your brand. They should relate to it and that’s the way you will get more shares, re-tweets and re-pins.

What Social Media Sites can I Put my Social Media Marketing Campaign on?

what social platform to Use for social media marketing

Now this is a tricky thing. The same size doesn’t fit all. It depends on your product or services. I would say if you brand is related to cosmetics and beauty then go for Instagram. If it’s something like DIY then Pinterest and Youtube will be a perfect pic. But let’s break it down how these platforms can help you advertise your business online.

Facebook – the most popular social media site. Try to create a Facebook page for your business; it’s free and easy to create, but takes time and work to build up an active following.

Not sure how to start with Facebook advertising? Check out this article: How to promote business on Facebook

Twitter – useful for breaking news or special events. On Twitter, you can tweet about your products and services. You can also post social media updates that will be of interest to customers.

LinkedIn – comes with a more professional tone than other social media websites. Linked In is ideal for sharing business advice or market news. You can also write blog posts on your company’s page to increase exposure for your social media marketing campaign.

Instagram – the social media platform where you can share photos and videos with your social network. You can post social media updates that will be of interest to customers. A business app can be used to promote special offers and discounts on products and services.

YouTube – a place for social video sharing where users can upload their own videos or watch social media updates from your company. You can also create social media campaigns around special events and upload them on YouTube for social media promotion.

What Analytics Tools do I Need to Analyze my Social Media Campaign Performance?

What Analytics Tools do I Need to Analyze my Social Media Campaign Performance?

Social media is a big thing. You can even depend on this because it got a huge audience size and you can get sales without physically interacting with your customers. But there is one problem with that. Every social media platform has it’s own analytical tools. They are good at some extent but when it comes to deep analysis, you need some more powerful tools. Here is brief list of Social Media Analytical tools that can help you forecast your progress on social media.


A social networking dashboard that allows you to monitor keywords, hashtags and mentions of your business across multiple social platforms at once. You can also schedule social media updates and create social media campaigns using Hootsuite.

Google Analytics

a free tool that will help you measure the success of your social media marketing campaign. With it, you will be able to find out which social media networks are generating traffic for your site, and track how users engage with your social network pages.

Facebook Insights

a social media monitoring tool for your Facebook page, which will provide information on how people are interacting with your social networking posts. You can use this data to analyze user engagement and optimize social media updates in the future.

Track Maven

social media marketing software that allows you to track social networks across multiple social media platforms. This will help you to optimize social media marketing campaigns and keep social network users engaged with your social networking pages.

Social Mention –

Social Mention is a free social media search and analysis tool. This tool allows you to monitor social networks for brand names, product or business mentions. It can also be used to analyze the sentiment of social posts about them. You can also use Social Mention to search social networks for brand names and track social media mentions that contain a certain keyword.

How do I Create Social Media Content?

how do I create content for social media marketing

You can start by creating social media updates based on industry news, or social networking trends. Write blog posts or social network status updates on your company’s social networking page about these topics, which will help you to promote social media marketing campaigns and increase social network traffic.

You can also share social networking posts from other companies in your industry, or socialize the content of other social media users. so that they will be able to generate social network activity for your social networking page. This is a way to attract social media followers and promote social media marketing campaigns.

You can create social media contests and social media sweepstakes to promote social network activity and generate social media engagement. By running social networking contests or sweepstakes, you will be able to gain social followers and social fans who will be interested in your social networking updates, which will increase user engagement on social networks.

What is the Social Media Demographic?

Social media users are typically aged between 18 and 34 years old, male and reside in urban areas. You can use social networks to target these social media demographics by publishing social networking updates that appeal to this social network demographic.

Social media marketers should also try promoting social media content on social networks with high traffic volumes (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter). social media content that has been promoted on social media networks with higher traffic volumes will have a greater social networking reach and social engagement potential.

In Pakistan social networking is growing rapidly in terms of user numbers and social network activity. This has led to the rise in social media marketing activities being conducted by social media marketers in Pakistan.

Final Words

Social networks can be considered social media marketing tools, as they allow companies to promote their social networking content (e.g. social networking posts) to target social network users who will hopefully become social fans and social followers of their social networking page.

Social networks also allow you to monitor social media posts that contain your company’s social network name or social networking brand name, which will help social media marketers to identify social media marketing trends and socializing opportunities.

If you have any question or feedback, please feel free to comment down below the blog post. I’ll try my best to answer as soon as possible.


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