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How Do I Do Seo for My Blog Site to Rank on the First Page?

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You can dominate your competition and rank on the first page but it’s not a free lunch. There is a lot to take into account even before publishing a blog post on your website.

According to, around 7.5 million blog posts are created each day. Isn’t it crazy? The more you go in-depth the more facts you can derive. The same source claims that the businesses that blog daily on a regular basis attract double website visits as compared to those that post occasionally.

So one thing that we can be certain of is to post content on regular basis. The search engines assume that a blogger who posts on daily basis is dedicated to his/her passion so he must be taking care of the content as well.

If you post content on regular basis your content quality will be improving with time. That’s the key to becoming a successful blogger.

But if you stick to the rest of this blog post I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to understand the whole process of ranking a website on the first page of all the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

How to Write a Piece of Content that Ranks on Google?

You can follow these footprints to do SEO for your blog site to rank on the first page. If you follow these optimization strategies you can rank on google first page within months.

Do a Proper Niche Research:

Have you done complete research on your niche? No?
Go to any SEO tool like Semrush, Ahrefs or Ubersuggest and enter your topic keyword there.

You’ll see the number of results and SEO difficulty of your main niche keyword. If it’s alright, compare it with some other tools also and get an average number. Do this because you are going to invest a lot of your resources on your blog including the precious one, your time.
The best niche keyword will help you get on the top of google’s first page.

Find Good Keyword:

The most important part of any SEO campaign is SEO Keywords Research if you want to rank on the first page. There is a lot to explore and there is no certain method that guarantees the possible ranking of a keyword.

But here I’m gonna explain each and everything you need to understand about how to do the keyword research for a new blog website.

Follow these steps and I’m sure you’ll find your primary keywords:

  1. Type your main keywords in the Google search bar. I assume it is “Indoor sports ideas”
  2. You’ll see top ranking pages against this keyword in SERP.
  3. Copy the URL’s of the top-ranking pages
  4. Open any keywords research tool but for now, I’m gonna use Ahref because it’s the most trustable and authentic research tool
  5. Click on ‘Site Explorer’ and enter one domain of any of your competing pages.
  6. And then select ‘Organic Keywords’ from the left side menu.
  7. Now it’s time to filter the keywords. Use this criterion as a filter and after you apply you’ll see the number of results that will be decreased.
    Volume<500, KD<20 Word count>
  8. After you apply the filter
  9. Now, you need to drop the brand keywords or the keywords that have no relevancy with your niche and after that, the keywords list is all yours. Cheers:)

Content Writing:

Hire a good writer and publish content on your website regularly. Regular doesn’t mean 1 article daily. You can publish 1 article each week but do this in a pre-scheduled manner.

Whenever you publish an article share it on your social media profiles and request your followers to share it on their profile. Social share contributes to your content visibility that is also a ranking factor. Google will love to rank if people love your content on social media.

Link building:

Don’t hurry up with this thing. Deeply analyze your competitors. Just put their competing URLs in Ahrefs or Ubersuggest. These tools will provide you with a complete list of where these pages are getting links. Go to the linking website’s contact form or write them a good email. You can write like

“Hello, James! I can see you are linking to this webpage (URL). I’ve also written a piece of content. My article covers this thing (That’s not in their linking blog post).
Here is my blog post link:
Your post URL……
What do you think about it? Will you be kind enough to link my URL in your article (Their website URL)

Well wishes…”


If you want to rank on the first page and want to see your blog posts ranking on top of search results, it requires a lot of research and hard work but if you are consistent and love this profession, you’ll be rocking soon.

We’ve covered how to select a topic, do proper keyword research, write the content, and then how to start your link-building campaign.

If you follow the steps there is a great chance you’ll be able to rank your website in the top search results.


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