If you want to get your business online there is no rocket science for this. Just follow these simple steps and your business is already online. Looks awesome?

Before we actually get started let me hit you with some quick facts.

Do you know that online shopping has increased from 14% to 17% in just 2020? And do you also know that the global eCommerce size is $4.28 trillion US Dollars?

The world is changing day by day and there is more to explore in this new era of modern business models.

Every business wants to grow and earn more profits and you should do as well. If you give it a complete read, I’m sure you’ll start finding ways to get your business online.

Here I’ve added the top 5 strong reasons why you should get your business online

1: Get your Business Online to get Bigger Audience Size

The total world population stands at 7.83 billion in January 2021 and out of this figure 4.66 billion globally use the internet facility. I mean the 59% of the total human population on earth use the internet.

Get your Business Online to get Bigger Audience Size

This is really a bigger audience size you could barely think of targeting back in the 18th century right?

We can further break it down into parts:

Mobile Phone Users: 66% of the total population use mobile phone devices and it has grown by 93 million since January 2020

Social Media: Social media got a huge growth. Half of the world’s total population (53%) uses social media to interact with each other.

I don’t wanna overwhelm you with digits but you can see that around half of the world is already on the internet.

If you come up with some working strategies you can target a huge audience.

2: Get your Business Online Because it’s Cost-Effective

Get your Business Online because it's Cost-Effective

Many tools have been developed to understand the audience’s interest and demographics that have proven to be extraordinarily productive in terms of cost-effectiveness.

All the social media giants and search engines have created a systematic approach towards audience behaviour and their interests based on the activities they perform on these platforms.

You may have observed that after you search a buyer intent query in any of the search engines like ‘Best phones to purchase in 2021’ you’ll start seeing relevant ads on the websites you visit

That’s because the search engines and social media sites know what you are doing there and that’s where they generate revenue as well.

You’ll spend a little on ads and target the audience based on some interests, languages and other demographic measures. This will not only save your ad spendings but help you get more sales.

3: Better Opportunities for Online Businesses to Understand Your Competition

When you are online you can have better chances to understand what is your competition doing for brand awareness, marketing and direct sales.

Better Opportunities for Online Businesses to Understand Your Competition

There are several tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest that give you information about content ideas, content types and link building opportunities.

If you are smart enough you can do it by yourself. There are many service providers that offer their services on competition analysis and SEO (Search Engines Optimization) of your website

On the other hand, you can utilize social media because frequent updates are being posted on their business pages.

Follow the pages of your competition and know exactly how they are updating their content, interacting with new customers and deal with existing clients.

4:Better Way to Get Buyer Feedback

Better Way to get Buyer feedback

For me, the biggest problem with the offline business is the ‘Communication Gap’ between the business and the customers.

If you have a website contact page, social media inboxes the gap is eliminated. The buyers can directly reach out to you about the complaints and feedbacks about your product and services.

Not only it gives you a chance to directly interact with your customers but you can get suggestion and improvements.

You can send them survey forms links and get feedback from real buyers that are using your product or services. No one can give you better ideas than the consumers.

5: Innovation is the Best Outcome of Online Business

Innovation is the Best Outcome of Online Business

I love the way the internet is shaping our online industry. There is a tremendous amount of resources to explore and utilize.

From brand awareness to customer satisfaction everything has modernized. The way the services are being offered is so smooth and reliable. 

Apps and tools are being developed on every side of the business layout. Now clients use mobile apps, get updates on push notifications, Online events for product usage awareness.

Customers use apps to track their ordered product delivery. They provide feedback with ratings that help other customers to make better decisions based on these reviews and ratings.

This is something crazy. You know the product even before you buy it.



How to Get your Business Online?

You can create your own website, optimize your website content, get initial traffic from social media and then use google ads for some time. After a few months, you may start getting traffic from search engines through SEO.

Also, you can start it by creating your social media presence on these websites ‘Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube’

There are also some ways you can start advertising your business without having a website but it’s for very small and local businesses.


Now the time has come to get your business online because it helps reduce advertising budget, get a huge audience, know your customer feedback and bring innovations into your product or services.

People love to shop online and if you want sales too you need to get your business online as soon as possible.

What is your biggest hurdle that is preventing you to get your business online?

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